Sunday, June 8

A Time goes By.

Crikey, its getting on for a month since I last posted anything. You must have thought Id done an Agatha Christie or something. Thing is my life is unfeasibly busy at the moment, for no real reason I can actually fathom. Being the token disabled person up here means I go to a lot of meetings......always good for a lunch I say! And in between that I'm juggling all those parental activities, plus being a wonderful hostess to everyone who decides to visit. I also seem to be running a Chinese laundry as I have endless amounts of washing to do, so if I find I'm not busy (!!!) then there is always some washing to be getting on with. Surely I think to myself this cant be all ours can it?
So 8.30 rolls round and by this time I am slumped in front of Euro 2008 staring at the screen but not exactly watching it. By 9.30 I'm pottering off to bed. And to be honest that's my life, bed/house/meeting/bed..... I'm knackered really I am, but I suppose I'm not likely to get any decent sleep for years. Cant wait!


  1. You know... its funny how life gets in the way of life. We often wish we had a "life", but as we plop ourselves into bed at night, we think
    "wow,I had a busy day".. no time for a "life".

    I think its a media thing and all that star stuff... they have a "life" because they have people to do all the other "life" stuff.

    Sorry - I couldn't resist :)because I think the same thoughts as you many times, but for different reasons.

  2. Of course you are tired... you have a full time job !!! Between the family and the meetings etc.... you are one busy lady !!! Me knows you are way more busy than I am...

    I don't have kids, but work full time & I tell ya, my life is pretty much the same... bed/work/dinner/sleep... with the house on the weekends... and I'm usually in bed for 9:30 -10:00.

    What happened at that black tie affair ? What did you end up wearing ? Was it fun ?