Monday, November 17

Elephant Woman

I have really bad pelvic pain, and I mean bad. I cant turn over in bed, I cant lie on my side, its hard for me to bend down to pick up stuff. I lie in bed grunting and generally sounding like a right old moaner, its more of a habit than any reflection of what I'm really feeling to be honest, but oh my, this is bad pain which for me to say that must be bad. Like the Elephant man I am desperate to lie down on my side and snuggle up in bed, instead I lie flat on my back wishing I could move more than my arms and head. So my OT is coming bearing gifts this week. Obviously they are 'get out of bed thingies' which my scientific brain always enjoys playing with. The rest of me just thinks 'bloody hell another hospital gadget'. One of the visiting midwives suggested a hoist. 'Oh God' I thought 'not that, anything but that.' There are some things that make you feel just a bit more disabled and that's just one of them. I dont need to be reminded anymore than I already am thanks.

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