Sunday, November 23

Welcome to the Vomitorium......

....said my husband, with the look that said it all. Lets just say its not been a good week health wise. Tuesday night we popped our head round the door of our toddlers room to find him sitting in his cot covered in his own sick. It was bright red as he'd had pasta and sauce for tea. By the looks of it he'd been enjoying playing in it for sometime, so at 1pm I found myself sitting in the bath with him. But the next morning he seemed fine so I packed him off to nursery. Got home that evening, fine, sat on my lap watching the TV, when..... Bleeugh!! All over me and him, only he continued to eat his sandwich as if nothing had happened. Now one thing I have learned from being disabled is that the times when you would jump up are long gone. I have to sit and take it and say ever so calmly to myself 'Oh dear never mind its just...(insert word) 'it will wash'. This is particularly so when you are covered in sick!
So the week went on. Thursday our eldest was sent home with conjunctivitis, and spent the day at home. Friday he also threw up all over the house and kept pooing everywhere, Saturday I did the same. Only with me its worse. Oh yes its horrible, horrible, horrible, I'm not giving gory details, but diarrhoea and sickness is one of the worse things you can have in a wheelchair and live to tell the tale. So the house smells of poo and sick, the washing is overflowing, the door of the dryer fell off today so I cant dry anything, Oh and the in-laws are coming tomorrow. My cup indeed overflows.

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