Tuesday, January 27

Social Care

There was an interesting report today on the news about the lack of social care in the UK. In particular it fails the elderly over and over and over again. No government has ever put money into this, which IMHO is not only grossly negligent, and fails on the duty of care test, but also fails to for see the elderly population rising in the future but still, there will be no adequate care in place. So its OK to find the money to bail out the banks and the car industry and probably some others will come knocking, but provide a decent standard or care for people, Oh no we don't have the money for that do we?
Read the article in today's TimesOnline

I have a care package, and although I like to think of it more in terms of assistance, its still care. We have someone come everyday and they get me up and the boys and help my husband because as I pointed out to my OT, a wonderful man he may be, but Superman he isn't quite yet, and I think the chances of him getting me, himself and 3 little ones ready for 8.30 day in, day out isn't going to happen. Once I'm up its OK, but I will raise my hand and admit I'm not exactly the speediest in the morning at the best of times. But wind me up, get me going and that's about all the help I really need, and bedtimes are pretty slow affairs in any case.
I'm lucky in so much as Northumberland has its social services linked to its NHS services so there seems to be joined up thinking and financially better use of the funding in general. It means there aren't about half a dozen little NHS trusts all after cash, just one big one, so they also have better buying power. It's also easier for my OT for instance, to speak to Wheelchair Services or sort out care, or help us fund a ramp etc. I may be deluded but surely it must be better and easier if everyone is in the loop when it comes to stuff like this rather than everyone holding onto their own piece of the pie? If I'm right, why is it so different in other parts of the country then, or perhaps Im just deluded?

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