Thursday, June 11

Doctors huh?

I'm supposed to be having the next baby in Carlisle, assuming I get there in time that is! So last week I went for a scan and then to my surprise as no one had told me I had a follow up appt with the registrar. So she said the consultant wants to know what we can do to help you....? Hmm thats quite difficult as I'm on number 4 and so far they tend to pop out pretty quickly, but I did say, DON'T put me on my back... so you are OK on your side then she replied? NO, not at all ,its agony, just dont do it I said. What is it with doctors? I have had 3 totally uncomplicated births, infact its one of the few things I seem to be any good at, and the medical profession want you pinned onto a bed with your legs in the air. We all know that's the worst place to be so why do they do it? My guess is that its control thing, I mean no one wants a ward full of women wandering around in labour do they? Well maybe I could either have a water birth or maybe someone would for once give me an epidural? Main problem being that it might never wear off, which come to think of it might not be too bad a thing after all.

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