Tuesday, June 16

Everyday things

Every day I think to myself, 'I must find time to add something to the blog'. As usual I have loads if ideas buzzing round my head and think it would be such a good idea if I were to jot a few down. The day flies by, I'm an Uber busy mother unfortunately, the 2 yr old spends hours demanding my attention which can be trying even though its lovely at the same time. The 5 year old has turned into a stroppy teenager already. The dog is elderly and doddery, walks into everything constantly and then keeps woofing to go out. My washing is endless, I spend eternity wandering around supermarkets, for they are the only places I ever seem to visit these days. By the time midnight approaches, I have tidied up, my husband wandered off to bed, made the following days lunch box, let the dog out again, fed the baby , and finally sat down, to be honest my brain has gone into some kind of automatic sleep state. Yes, I must admit that with an average of 4 hours sleep I am utterly worn out. At the moment there seems no end to it, which in itself is rather depressing.


  1. My heart goes out to you Lorraine. Especially when there is nothing on your list that you can afford NOT to do...is there a window of opportunity for a nap mid afternoon. Perhaps you could have the groceries delivered as a treat? When my livewire of a son was five I found it easier to invite his little friends round and let them run riot while I had coffee with a couple of other mums!

  2. And on top of that you are pregnant. Gosh, I don;t know why you don;t have time for the blog. LOL. Personally, I don;t know how you manage as much as you do. Had 4 little ones myself, and that was before the chair. Now the youngest just graduated from high school. But, the dog is on the same place as yours.

    Grab some sleep if you get the chance, you can always update the blog another time. :)