Sunday, August 23


In a flurry of activity we decided to visit Woodhorn yesterday over by the Northumberland coast. Quick I shouted to the male members of the family, its NOT raining... And indeed I was right for it was dry for a whole day.

Woodhorn is a mining museum near Ashington. It opened a couple of years ago and Ive been trying to get there ever since. We got there and I realised that for once it actually looked promising. The whole area being more or less flat with tarmacked paths, this was more than I had hoped for.Its actually free to get in although you pay for parking. Inside theres are some great exhibitions loads of space for everyone to run round, a cafe doing light lunches and cakes, while outside you can visit a lot of the original buildings which have been made mostly accessible. There are further things to see plus you can stroll around the 60 acre country park. All in all we gave it more or less 10/10. Probably best to take your own lunch as the cafe gets expensive, other than that almost perfect!

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  1. Glad that Woodhorn worked out. It looks lovely. We'll have to get over there one day.