Tuesday, December 8

Foot in mouth syndrome

One of my friends ( and yes I'm talking about YOU, cos she reads this!) has been a bit unwell recently and as we chatted she said ' well I might end up in a wheelchair'. What did you say I shouted in a mock offended voice. She was mortified, and I wasn't at all offended, I never am, not really, only if someone if being intentionally unpleasant. Anyway she died a thousand deaths and then apologised rather a lot. Its OK though, honestly most people don't get offended and Ive heard far worse. Both a friend with SB and a blind friend both said they wouldn't know how they would manage if what had happened to me had happened to them. Now there's tact for you. Do they really mean this really and truly? Probably not, it just seems like a weird thing to say, but then we all do that sometimes don't we? And my friend is still one of the best I have.

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