Friday, February 5

The First and Only time!

Well we have our new car. Its amazing and actually its a bus not a car. A red Mercedes, 8 seater, a real north London mitzvah tank. Apart from the problem of being higher than I realised, so I'm finding it very difficult to get in and out of, and also the hand brake is actually a foot hand brake, its great!!! The getting in and out I can practice, and I'm getting a special lever for the weird foot hand brake thingy!. 
 Anyway today I had an acute and serious episode of dim-witted-ism. Its really called 'being-very-tired-and-having-poor-judgment',  we were nearly home and one of the farmers was doing some work on the road. Normally I would have waited but like a complete ninny I decided to go round him on the very wet grass. It was a very very bad mistake as I also wasn't really aware that it was as wet as it was, or that the van is actually big and heavy. So I got stuck. My husband was dieing a thousand deaths of embarrassment as he got out to tell the farmer we were stuck. I just did the dizzy woman thing, which was totally true on this occasion. Our local farmer swore a bit and then went off to get his chain. 10 minutes later he returned and pulled us out of the mud with his lovely vintage tractor. Doh!!! I suppose over the years this has never happened before and there is a first time for everything, I'm just going to make sure it was the only time. My husband had to retire to bed for an hour as he was so stressed , I just thought it was amusing in a rather dotty way! 

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