Tuesday, March 9

Grumpy old woman

Last week I went to a new dentist in Hexham. Its my 3rd in 5 years as the first one was awful, and the second one has inconsiderately retired. I have a big gripe with dentists in that they are still very inaccessible. If you think of your own dentist, the chances are they are in a Victorian house with steps everywhere and the waiting room at the top of a steep flight of stairs. Its taken me a while to track one down that actually has a downstairs room, or not have 3 steps into the building. Why do dentists think they can get away with it? Drives me bloody mad that in the 21st century you cant be guaranteed to be able to get in through the door of your chosen dentist, assuming you can find one in the first place. My other gripe about dentists in Hexham is that for some reason they are all on Battle Hill. thats right Hill. Why? So I managed to park as near as possible and then got as near as possible before I had to tackle the hill. The worst bit is the brow of the hill which until this point isn't too bad then suddenly it goes really steep, combined with the camber of the pavement makes it murder on the shoulders. I'm out of condition or maybe just getting old as I nearly didn't make it. Finally coming back some bastard parked over the only dropped kerb on the square. This meant in order to get back to the car I had to go down the middle of the road so I could get back on to the pavement. Dropped kerbs are there for a reason not that anyone thinks about it, but I was so effing furious I would have ripped off his wipers if I could have reached. And Ive got to have lots of dental work too.

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