Sunday, March 21

Last man standing.

We have been living at the house at 'Poo' corner for over 2 weeks now. I suspect the infamous Rota virus is the culprit. Everyone apart from me that is has had it. Poo here, Poo there, in fact there has been poo everywhere. I have changed what seems like a thousand disgusting nappies, dealt with endless screaming children and also plied my husband with loperamide. I am indeed worn out. Not just the relentless demands of pooey bottoms but the endless washing and the physical demands of bending down, and lifting everyone up. My back is horribly sore and painful and I have resorted to pain killers so you know ts bad.
Our 2 year old has been particularly unwell. despite seeing the same rubbishy Doctor twice I thin he has had the real swine flu. He has been very unwell, spending over  week on the sofa with a bed snoozing his way through a week. He is normally the most lively and energetic of the 4. Only now is he looking better having lost weight and still looking like a ghost. 
Of course its sods law that I shall probably succumb sometime in the middle of next week. At least I will get to spend some time in bed as I am indeed the last man standing at the moment!

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