Saturday, February 5

The dangers of watching Peppa Pig!

You know when someone says to you 'Ive done my back in'?I now know what they mean as Ive done my back in, as if I hadn't already done so.
I was sitting on the sofa, really doing nothing, (watching Peppa Pig actually), went to shift myself off and that was it. Agony I mean absolutely the worse thing ever. I couldn't move forward, backward, up or down, I was stuck and in tears. Thankfully my husband was home and was able to come and move me back on the sofa and ply me with painkillers. After half an hour I was able to move very gingerly. And so it remained for a week. So bloody painful I could hardly move.  If you have kids, you know there is no time for being incapacitated, so I barely functioned for about 5 days through a haze of painkillers, deep breaths and gritted teeth. Half of me kept thinking I should see a Dr, the other half thought it would go away. To be honest if your body is really giving you all the 'something is wrong' signals you should heed it, but I'm the worst person at following my own advice. Eventually I decided to go to A and E. The choice is Carlisle or Hexham. Hexham is nearer but unless you have cut your finger they always send you to Newcastle which is 50 miles away. So I opted for Carlisle. On reflection it was a bad idea but I needed reassurance that it was only a trapped nerve or maybe a bulging disc. Got to the hospital and then waited and waited. Given my former history Id have thought Id have been seen fairly quickly. I know there are emergencies but honestly the number of people who sauntered straight in saying, 'Ive got a letter from my GP' was astounding. So I waited and waited and eventually had to leave without seeing anyone as I had to pick up child 1 from school. So maybe I should have seen my GP/ Then I could have got a letter as well.  Who knows? I guess only an MRI will really show if its anything to be worried about. My back is better than it was, but it still feels very sore and tender, so I think its only a question of time before it happens again. Next time I'm calling an ambulance.

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