Sunday, October 9

Standing Frames

I have really bad Achilles tendon pain, which Ive endured for weeks. I was talking to a friend about it yesterday who having broken his neck 40 years ago has a bit more experience than I do with this sort of thing. Honestly the pain is miserable and making me feel tired and irritable. The only respite I'm getting is actually sitting in bed with my feet up, I'm not sure why this helps but it is very impractical. Anyway my friend suggested a standing frame which does exactly what it says, It has you standing up which is useful, helps with stuff like bone integrity and blood pressure and also is really good for stretching out tendons. Its a great idea, I could do with one I suppose but the trouble with any of this stuff is it takes a shed load of space. Literally you need a shed to store it all in and it takes up half the living room which doesn't add to family life. I really should try one out I guess, but where we should put it I have no idea!

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