Thursday, March 23


Here is a photo of my blue badge. As you can see I look less than chuffed but thats probably not surprising. Anyway I now have free parking for life which over the next 40 years could rack up a considerable saving!! I love driving and if I couldnt drive anymore Id probably wheel myself under a bus and be done with it all! We have a Mitsubishi gas guzzling Shogun which is fabulous but also as we live in the middle of nowhere is fairly justifiable. It takes me, my husband, son 2 dogs, wheelchair and other stuff with ease, and with a V6 engine is really easy for me to drive. I just point it in the direction I want to go, set the cruise and steer. I have a few modifications which make it easier for me. One being a suicide knob. Im not sure why they are called this, but anyway it attaches to your steering wheel and allows you to do everything with one hand, especially turn the wheel quickly. So simple so effective, why doesnt everyone have one?
The other thing I have is a special seat belt called a CG lock. It turns your own seatbelt into something like a an airplane seat, and holds you very firmly to your seat. I find this very effective as I have quite a tendency to slowly tip forward as Im driving until Im hunched over the wheel. This encourages better posture all round and removes this problem considerably.

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