Thursday, March 23

Well done Chancellor!

I have no problem in nailing my political colours to the post as it were, anyone who has known me for a while wont be shocked to know Im an active member of the Labour party. I know the government comes in for a lot of criticism, and some of it rightly so, but the Labour party is the only political party that has consistently tried to improve the lives of the underclass of society. While todays newspapers grumbled about inheritance tax, and car tax, it went unnoticed and unreported that there is going to be the introduction of free national bus travel off peak for pensioners and the disabled from April 2008. I realise people moan that its 2008 but it has to be planned and budgeted for. Anyway I really hope this will improve the lives of many as thousands of disabled people live in poverty and isolation. Many are trapped in their own homes for a variety of reasons. Its bad enough being disabled, but being poor and disabled is the worst thing of all. We all know its not enough, but it may be more constructive to take the carrot to our politicians than always use the stick.

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