Tuesday, April 11

The state of the NHS

Lets be honest we love to beat the NHS with a big stick time and time again. We enjoy reading all the horror stories in the Daily Mail and Express, and then rub our hands and tut dramatically. But spare a thought for everyone who uses it day in day out without any hitch at all. When you think about it, the NHS is probably the most important legacy of the 20th century and yet all we do is moan and moan and moan. For the most part, most of the time it works wonderfully. Without it Id probably be dead, it has saved me and given me the prospect of a great life. If we were back in 1930s Britain if I wasnt dead Id be stuck being nursed by some elderly relative in a dark bedroom for the rest of my days, because thats how it was, lets not forget it.
My favourite hospital has to be Hexham General. Heres a nice picture for you to look at. I really and truly cannot commend the staff there enough for the continued care they give me. Everyone knows me personally even the reception staff. My consultant phones me up, they wait for me when I have appointments and usher me in...hmmm maybe Im the only patient or something. I was personally greeted by my consultant yesterday, I dont even have to wait at the desk. Maybe they know something I dont? Er thats probably true I guess!!! If I have a problem I phone them up and then get asked if I can go over in an hour!!! Good grief did I say this was the NHS? Well obviously I have cracked the waiting list problem. I know, I know, having something seriously wrong with you may seem a bit drastic but it does cut down that waiting time just a little bit!!!

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