Thursday, June 15

A Good Cripple

I will never ever be a 'good cripple.....'
  • I question doctors far too closely, and refuse to accept anything but the best from the NHS.
  • I refuse to suffer pain in silence, because I refuse to' suffer'.
  • Although Im a believer in God, I am angry with him and want to know 'why?'.
  • I am not thankful for the handouts that I have contributed to for so long. They are my right.
  • I love sex, I love my husband. To be a good cripple sex is something that you shouldn’t even think about.
  • I am not a good cripple, because I am not prepared to put my life on hold hoping for a miracle that will never come. I’m living my life to the maximum right here, right now.
  • My diet isn’t plain or boring, to be a good cripple institutional style food is your preference, I want it hot and spicy and a few too many drinks as well.
  • I expect decency from society and will accept nothing less.
  • I will never be a good cripple because I am far too proud and always will be.
  • I am not a good cripple becasue I have a strong sense of humour and see the ridiculous in everything.

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  1. Brilliant! This should be on a poster.