Thursday, June 15

Time the Magician

I was looking back at photos taken last year of me, and in some I'm actually standing up. The mind is an odd thing because I had sort of forgotten about doing it and that I ever did in the first place. I've actually forgotten what it feels like to run, or stand and cant imagine doing so again. I know this sounds really strange and that you must be thinking how could I ever feel like this, well I do really. Time comes along and heals all as they say. Its a big cliche but true. When you think life cant get any worse and that you are having the worst time of your life, tomorrow is always another day, and if you can wait for tomorrow and tomorrow then eventually you find yourself far away from that low point in your life. I'm at that far away point right now. It seems to me like another lifetime that I was walking around. I often say to my husband that Paul Macartney must feel like that about his Beatle years!
I was talking to a cousin this week who has had her fair share of misfortune this year. Like she said on the phone, what a difference a year makes, and its for good reason that we are not allowed to view our futures.

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