Sunday, June 11

Kielder Forest

Today being a glorious summers day we decided to go up to Kielder to have a walk. Now its about 15 miles away as the crow flies but round about on the roads more like 40. Lets say its an hours drive. Well I can tell you it is absolutely spectacular there. I had no idea just how wonderful it is. Think Swedish archipelago, Norwegian Forests all in one. We had a look at Kielder Castle which has thoughtfully added a wheelchair accessible walk, and this time its pretty good; and at Leiplish Water Centre, there are a multitude of disabled facilities. This is because it is used extensively by the Calvert Trust who run adventure holidays and outdoor experiences for disabled peolple. Looks really really good I must say, although Im not tempted to take up sailing in the slightest!
Here is today's picture of me grimacing. At least that's what it looks like. I'm just looking into the sun really. Now remember what I said about shoulders and legs? See what you think for yourself!

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