Thursday, June 15

Wheelchair Gymnastics

As you can see from the photo I now do a decent line in wheelchair acrobatics (falling out notwithstanding), see only 2 wheels!! This has a serious application actually. What Im really doing here is taking a few minutes to shift my weight around other bits of my bum. Its really easy to find that youve been sitting in exactly the same spot for hours, and hey presto a pressure sore starts to develop. Think about your normal day, how many times do you fidget, get up, down stretch your legs, wiggle your toes etc? Probably you do it all day without thinking about it. The point is I DO have to think about it. Im sure my colleagues think Im a terrible fidget as in meetings I sit there, lift myself up and out of my chair and hold for 3 minutes! Good shoulders these days. I will also move my legs about and also rub my feet if needs be. They must think Im really weird but to be honest everyone is far too polite to ask!

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