Sunday, August 6

12 Hours on.......

Sunday afternoon, and I had one of the worst nights of recent times. I now put it down to food poisoning as the whole thing came on very quickly. Not only did I have projectile vomiting but also the most severe diarrhea for years. So I spent almost the whole night in the bathroom either lying on the floor groaning, or perched on the loo throwing up into a bowl. Eventually I managed to get myself into the shower where I sat under warm water for half an hour cleaning the crap from my body. I suppose its typical of me that I had to do this the one night my husband was away....hmmmm! I can only say that I felt so terrible I could have died, I had severe stomach pain and lets be blunt this is absolutely the worst thing that could happen to anyone with a disability. I think its probably even worse in neurological conditions as quite simply there is no control whatsoever especially when it comes to bowels! I feel utterly robbed of any dignity I once had , still I guess its good practice for the future.

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  1. Juls06:51

    mmm..know how you feel, need i say more!!