Saturday, August 5

Sick as a dog

My son brought a present home from nursery this w/e. Its a vomiting bug. So I'm sitting here right now, throwing up as write. I should be in bed but I'm not sure how safe that is at the moment. See, the thing is I'm on my own as hubby is in hospital in Newcastle having a minor op. So I have to look after myself and our 2 year old son and not forgetting the dogs. If I go to bed and throw up, well imagine it yourself. Basically Ill just end up lying in my own vomit as I find it quite hard to get up thanks to crap back muscles. And as for changing the bed clothes, absolutely impossible! So of course I will have to suffer again a while longer.

At times like this I really wish I had a carer, its bad enough cleaning up after yourself when you can but tonight I could really really really do with a bit of extra help. But I don't get it and unless my head drops off then I won't get it in the future. Shouldn't there be some system of avoiding these situations? Shouldn't someone in my position be able to call someone and ask for some temporary help? Doesn't it stand to reason that as I get higher rate mobility then I'm not going to be very good at getting around hence the fact I might need some extra help? No obviously not. Now if I had learning difficulties Id get so much help I wouldn't know what to do with it. I somehow think a large section of people are being forgotten about or left out or something like that. It can't just be me can it? Excuse me while I throw up.......Then I've got to get this hopeless cripple to bed somehow.

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