Saturday, August 26

Appointment with Morpheus

Sleep perchance to dream,... Thanks Bill. Sleep is something I don't get much of. It just doesn't happen for me at the moment and as a consequence I'm totally and utterly exhausted, shattered, knackered and every other adjective you can think of. I don't look good, infact I look pasty and tired and my bags have bags. Despite early or late nights I'm guaranteed to wake up every single hour usually as a consequence of pain somewhere in my body. I also get up early as I need longer to get ready for work and so my sleep pattern is terrible. Whether its too much sleep, not enough sleep, or even the wrong kind of sleep I'm not getting any sleep at all. Last night I slept in one of our spare rooms, We have a choice of bed sizes and mattresses available and we also bought a wonderful memory foam mattress recently which is so wonderfully comfortable, that is until I wake up again. When I do get an hour in I find I'm having such colourful dreams that I wake up feeling as if I've just been running around in a war zone. So tonight I give in, that's it I admit defeat. I have a small stash of amytriptiline, prescribed by my GP. Its an anti depressant first and foremost but also useful in the treatment of pain and sleep problems. I've used it before and its effective, so effective that I will be asleep half the day tomorrow, but I'm getting desperate!

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