Friday, August 25

Hardware Failure

I was very busy rattling around Penrith on Wednesday, banging along the pavement at a fair rate of knots, bang bang squeak rattle, when I suddenly thought, Hang on I'm rattling here... a lot. Now a rattle isn't a good sign, it could be a very bad sign, and at best its very disconcerting. I have visions or should I say nightmares of an axel pin breaking and me being thrown to the floor and killed... or something equally as dramatic. I should think realistically speaking its very unlikely to happen, still its one of those secret fears that is forever lurking at the back of my mind.
Anyway I gingerly crept back to my office where I tried in vain to see the cause of the problem. The only way I can really do that is to sit on the floor which isn't that appropriate at work, so I had to live with it. On later inspection it would seem that a front axel pin is indeed loose so its time to get the socket set out. However this does explain my braking system. I do actually have brakes in my front wheels, it seemed like a good idea at the time, but as I am now more confident in hurtling around it seems less useful. I don't know how they work to be honest, I think its something to do with critical momentum, but my brakes had been working even though I was only at relatively low speeds. Its an alarming system really as you suddenly end up lurching forward as your chair slows down, but of course I've forgotten the system is there in the first place. Note to self to make sure next chair doesn't have this!

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