Sunday, August 20

Community Rehab

"Dear Mrs H.... ( that's me)
The Community Rehabilitaion service records show that your review date is now due. (My, how time flies) If you are experiencing any new problems with your SCI (!!) please contact our service. etc etc etc."

That was this weeks exciting letter along with multiple appointments in Newcastle for next month. So I'm going to call them because if I'm honest I really haven't cracked this getting out of bed routine first thing in the morning. Currently I have to wake up at 5am so I can hope to be in work by around 9.30. Yes, everything takes hours. Funny thing is that, SCI robs you of your own time.
Currently I have all the grace and finesse of a middle aged walrus having a bad beard day. Yes, yes I know you must think I'm exaggerating, but if you've ever 'been there' you will get what I'm saying. I don't know whether my technique is wrong, if my lower back muscles are shot to buggery or what, but try as I might its almost impossible for me to get up without a bit of assistance from long suffering hubby. So I end up flailing around looking particularly undignified. What I really need is some kind of James Bond ejector seat type bed that will fling me out, landing washed and dressed in my chair ready for another day. Failing that I need some sort of device that at least fits my bed. Ok I admit it, I have an Ikea bed which doesn't help as unless Ikea have suddenly cornered the market in Swedish aids for the disabled then they are a non standard sized bed. Consequently, most of the bed related items don't quite fit. Don't quite means in bed terms, never ever in a month of Sundays with a blue moon is it going to fit my bed. But no way, absolutly no way Jose Mourinho, am I getting rid of my super kingsize Ikea bed, especially as Ive just forked out a small fortune for a nice Tempur matress, but that's another posting entirely!

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  1. stephanie22:00

    How about one of those trapeze type things over your bed. I have one which is a free standing frame, with a triangular handle over my bed. I use it mostly to sit up in bed in the morning, as first thing it is almost impossible to do without help. (T7-8)