Monday, August 21

The Camels Back

Every week something comes along which makes me realise that actually Im a bit worse than I like to believe. Usually its something so minor and trivial that most people would never notice, but for me I guess you could say its the straw that breaks the camels back.
Today is a for instance. It wasnt a difficult day or anything like that, infact it was quite a nice day work wise. I was out and about on a bit of a jolly around Cumbria with my boss, and it was his turn to drive. "Do you want to alter the seat there?" he said. I did as it was far too upright for me and I slouch like hell. "Theres a button on the side". So I pushed the button and tried really hard to lean back into the seat. Nothing, I tried again, but no I just didnt have the movement or stength to alter the position of the car seat. Pathetic really, just utterly hopeless. Eventually I had to use my arms to push back from the dashboard. Its the small things that make me feel so crap.

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