Tuesday, August 29


I have this recurring nightmare that I cant use my hands, in the dream I'm trying to pick up a cup of tea but keep failing to do it. Eventually I succeed but I always wake up feeling distressed. I expect it is quite a rational fear, although I don't spend my days worrying about it, I'm not great on worry generally. Thing is I suspect the first signs of arthritis are starting to appear in my hand. I know my right hand hurts me quite a bit at the moment and a couple of joints seem sore and slightly swollen, hmmm... sounds arthritic to me. Unfortunately I'm not that old for this to happen but given family propensity and the fact that my hands take quite a lot of work day in day out, its not that surprising. Either way I'm not taking myself off to the doctors just yet,she will only send me to see a rheumatologist, and I think I've seen enough ologists for a while anyway. Ill save this one for next year at least.

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