Tuesday, August 22


My GP is an absolute star!! I really cant describe her in better terms. I saw her today for 50 minutes, I really think she likes me as a patient. I suppose Im so much more interesting from a medical point of view, after all I think its mostly the run of the mill sort of stuff here with a higher than average number of older patients. So from her point of view she must see me on her list and think Great, something really interesting!! Lets see I bring so much to the practice, incontinence, chronic pain, skin infections, sores, bladder infections, bowel problems, paralysis, chronic spasms and so on...did I miss anything here? Anyway the list could be endless, so much variation, never a dull moment. But on a more serious note september is full of medical appointments for me which I could do without, but she is really good at phoning consultants right there and then to chase things up for me and when I get home she has left a message on the phone for me. She regularly phones me up just to see how I am and really and truly takes a genuine interest. I always feel a lot better from just seeing her, so she must be good at her job.

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