Thursday, August 24

The Few

I'm currently trying to rap my brain around the Disability Equality Schemes that have to be in place by the end of December,and I've been given the task of putting together this nice bit of policy over the next couple of weeks. Me and my trusty sidekick decided we needed to get together an action plan in order to formulate the action plan. I kid you not, and rather than consult on the plan for the plan we thought it would be a good idea to consult with disabled members of staff as they would hopefully have a bit more inkling as to what it was all about. What a fab and whizzo idea I said, and she felt pleased as obviously we want to be as inclusive as possible blah de blah de blah, ticking the boxes, touching base, and ultimately thinking outside the box in local governmentese. She volunteered to contact human resources to see if they could tell us how many disabled members of staff there were and who they were so we could speak to them. Now my council has about 200 employees, and we hoped we'd get a small group of say half a dozen. So how many do you think? 20? 10 perhaps? No, the number of disabled employees is a grand total of 2, and 50% or that total is me, so as I don't really want to keep consulting with myself we are having to use plan B. At this rate we might get as far as plan J before we actually get anywhere!

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