Thursday, August 31


We went to the Sage in Gateshead a couple of weeks go just to have a quick look. Also my son was convinced it was the train station in Underground Ernie so we had to go! The Sage is the North East premier concert hall for classical, folk, world, and everything that isn't mainstream music and I suppose its a few years old now, maybe 6 or so? Now the funny thing is all the disabled parking is up the hill behind the building which is a major design fault to put it mildly. Its actually very steep so flying down to the entrance is great but going back to the car is just murder! This is a photo of us having a look at this wonderful musical contraption. I try to include pictures of me not particularly out of self gratification, more like ungratification actually. I'm not keen on seeing myself too much. I can do front on shots but side and back shots cause my brain to short circuit and freak out a bit, because they look nothing like me, or so I think. Its work in progress I suppose, Ill get there in the end.

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