Thursday, August 31

"I Am that I Am"

I find it very funny as in both ha ha and strange, when it comes to the perceptions of society at large. I'm thinking in terms of how people view 'being in a wheelchair'. Oh you know so and so, he's is a wheelchair didn't you know? Its that sort of attitude that I find odd. I think its because the public at large view disability as the worst thing that can ever, ever, ever, happen to someone, and certainly using a wheelchair the worst of the worst. Being someone who is 'stuck' in a wheelchair I can say that most of the time now I don't even think about it. My mental perception hasn't really altered and I don't see me as you see me. So really and truly for the most part I don't care about it, don't think about it and don't feel as if my life is somehow more terrible, or painful than anyone else's. But still that thought persists. Its not until you re sitting where I'm sitting that you realise in the grand scheme of things I am who I am, and always will be, and there isn't a great tragedy. Not any more that is.

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