Tuesday, August 22

Ouch Ouch Ouch

From time to time I get severe skin hypersensitivity. This is sort of a contradiction in terms I suppose, but I think its a consequence of jumbled neurological signals. I've mentioned it before on several occsions but this is quite unpleasant. Last week I was in a situation where anything I wore made me feel as if I was suffering from serious burns on my legs. Good job it was a Sunday as otherwise I would never have got to work. So I spent the main part of the day lolling around wearing very little. Then this week I was getting major skin pain which appeared to be coming from the seams of my underwear. Very strange as it made be feel as though I had a pocket full of marbles. Most uncomfortable. Still it seems an infrequent thing which is just as well as I have enough discomfort to last a lifetime thanks, so anymore I can do without.

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