Sunday, September 10


You know, you get given Sooooo much advice but its never the stuff you need to know as its given by members of the medical profession who see you only as a patient. My underwear really gets on my nerves to say the least. I dont dwell on it much as I've been an M&S girl all my life, but now I find there is nothing worse than finding that your knickers have been a bit twisted and have been cutting into your groin for 3 hours. Obviously its uncomfortable if you can feel it, but if you cant you just end up with a sore looking line that takes days to vanish. So what should I wear? I'm thinking that it must be easier for men as they can wear shorts type undies which must be better musnt they? As I cant actually feel what I'm wearing comfort isn't the issue as such, its more of a case of being the right thing function wise. So what should it be? Big knickers, thongs, midis, briefs or maybe nothing at all? Whats the advantage of that? The other thing I hate is hing my top ride up so my knickers can be seen by all above my trousers. ARRRRGH!!!!! So if anyone has any SENSIBLE ideas on the underwear issue let me know!!!!

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