Friday, September 22

L'Shana Tova!!!

Its Rosh Hashanah, that's Jewish New Year, so let me just wish everyone, Jewish or not, the very best for the coming year and may it be filled with health and happiness for everyone.

So what are we up to? Normally we would be going off to do some religious stuff, but this year we have decided to be kind to ourselves and take it easy, so it will be a stay at home job tomorrow anyway. Sunday we are off to Liverpool for lunch with my cousin in law. I love visiting her as she is terribly funny and should have been an actress at the very least. Also this is a very big plus, she has a new house which has a totally accessible downstairs, not even a front door step, AND an large accessible loo. Brilliant! On the down side other relations will be there, mostly elderly aunts. Ask me a while back and I would have found it difficult, you see, they look at me as if I have at least 2 heads, maybe more. Disabled female, wheelchair, small child, I'm just a tragic case. oh so young, cant they do anything, oy its terrible...... And so on. A lot of wringing of hands and to use a yiddishism, kvetching. Actually I'm not so young, but they probably see me as being about 17. Its not that terrible, being dead is, and no they cant do anything very much anyway. I have sort of tried to explain all this but I've got to the point whereby I've given up. The funny thing is I've noticed, you don't see many disabled people in the Jewish community. I wonder where they hide, what happens to them, where do they go? Obviously there should be at least 20% and with a small gene pool there should be more. Anyway the aunts get so uncomfortable because I'm very visible, very assertive , well just me actually, but they don't know what to do or how to react. I now take some amusement from their discomfort. You can see it in there eyes..... a slight look of panic as they don't know what to say, maybe I will get upset or something? I'm chilled about it, I just amuse myself at their expense these days! Naughty hmmm?

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