Monday, October 23


This time of year brings about irritations. Apart from being colder and dark, one of my biggest irritations is rain. Now as such I don't mind the rain, but the thing is, when you are in a wheelchair, you get wet, and I mean you get wetter than usual. First of all if you are getting in and out of the car, the extra minutes it takes means you always get soaked. You end up sitting on a wet seat all day as well. The most irritating thing though is that your clothes get dirty and wet. I spend a lot of time at work sitting in grubby looking clothes that started off in pristine condition an hour ago. The cuffs on clothes are always soaking, your trousers get muddy and either side of your thighs you get wet patches caused by your wheels spraying water everywhere. Isn't it time someone invented a wheelchair with mudguards on them or something? Sounds daft I know but think of the marketing potential!!

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