Monday, March 27

Side Effects

I take every day a small but select number of different medications for this, that and the other. Most seem to work ok with little problem. However last week I started on another pain killing drug called Nabumentone, its non steroidal so as far as my consultant thought, safe as houses. So 3 hours after taking it I go down with what I thought was a terrific stomach bug. Bloody Hell was I ill for about 26 hours or so!! Believe me its no fun at all when you have very limited mobility... its probably the same as being an old person in a nursing home. Certainly made me realise how dependent at times Im going to be on other people from now on. Anyway I digress.... So I didnt take it for a few days as I was ill, so 2 days ago I took it again, not realising it was the culprit. Hey presto, there I was shariing my dinner with the entire family!! Yep I still fell pretty URGH.. but at least I know the cause now.

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