Wednesday, October 4

Ooooooo Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Alrigh' my loverrrrrrs? Im off to Bristle this w/e so you wont be hearing much from me. I have an ideal to visit a few haunts but you can never tell..... its a strange place.
Seriously we are off to visit my F-i-L for a few days. Its only 320 miles so knowing me it should take about 3 hours. Actually I think its probably the longest I will have driven post injury so Id better remember to stop from time to time, or I will find my bum has turned into one big pressure sore....YIKES!!!! So think of me stuck on the M6 near Manchester, stuck on the M6 creeping through B'Ham, and think of me again stuck on the M5 just south of Bristol. Ho hum.... this is the road to nowhere!! So many cars and nowhere to go!
I should think I will have enough stories to dine out for many months after this visit. All those people I could surprise by bumping into them, as they gawp at me from afar. That old question, 'What happened to you' or if they are too polite to ask they are thinking it anyway. All the places I could get towed away from if my blue badge looks odd, after all isn't Northumberland another country? Must be a copy then. So many streets I wont be able to get up or down because of all those bloody hills, ahhhhh you can tell I cant wait huh?! And of course the endless questioning by my in laws, how are you, what did the doctors say, cant they do anything? Ive sort of got to the point of being slightly off hand at least. Ive patiently answered these same questions over and over again, the answers being....fine....not much....No... and you know maybe my English isn't that good. Perhaps I'm sounding a bit Why-Aye, or slightly Scorrrrtish, or perhaps Cum'b'run, because Ive sort of realised they just don't seem to understand a word I'm saying here!!!! So I think you can tell after 3 days Ill be glad to be heading back north where the people are sane, but the buses inaccessible!

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