Tuesday, October 10

The Road Less Travelled

Well Im back after 5 days away visitting the in laws in Bristol. Did you miss me?!!! Ok perhaps not but it was quite an interesting trip and I learned a few things about myself and others to take forward into the coming months.
The first thing was the journey. It was hell, really and truly one of the worst road trips Ive taken for many a year. We left Carlisle at 2.30 in the afternoon and arrived the other end, just gone 9pm. The main cause of the delay was getting stuck around Birmingham for 2 hours going literally nowhere. Although we made 2 stops along the way by the time we arrived I was moulded into a Z shape and could hardly straighten out. Errr bloody awful Id say. My coccyx was so painful, and my whole backside felt as if I was being kicked with steel toecaps. Moral? I think from now on 4 hours in total is my limit for driving for any one day. If its going to be longer than that its best to stop overnight somewhere.

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