Saturday, October 21


I'm back. I bet you noticed I hadn't been posting for a few days? This is because Ive just been too tired to do it. Ive been more than tired, drop down dead exhausted to put a finer point on it. If I was standing up Id be too tired to walk anywhere I can tell you. I'm too tired to push. Ive had to ask for help on a couple of occasions this week, and the usual inclinesthat I charge up at top speed have even taken their toll. My back is causing me a few problems. A great deal of the lower back mobility I had seems to have vanished. My back seems to have seized up,meaning that I'm find any kind of flexibility very hard. Take bouncing up a kerb for instance. Usually I can do an inch or so,easy. Just stop, tip back slightly and up. This week I have hardly managed the tip back bit at all as I cant muster the movement to do it. My back is really very painful and I feel as if someone has shoved a carving knife up my bottom. Its so sharp it makes me mid conversation because it takes my breath away. Add to that a course of antibiotics for a UTI and you can see its no wonder I'm worn out.

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