Wednesday, October 11

Who's Disabled?

This probably sounds awful, but I think that I am possibly more disabled than someone who was born with a similar disiblity to mine. Errrr looking at that it sounds bad doesnt it? Lets see if I can rephrase what Im thinking. Im not saying that Im physically unable to do more, (I am but thats not what Im talking about) but mentally have a larger challenge to overcome. I didnt really think that much about it until recently, but I work with several people who were born with disabilities. Last week one of them asked me about the nature of my disability. Having told him the sorry saga, he replied that he was glad he hadnt become disabled because he didnt know how he would manage. Odd that? I suppose he doesnt particularly think of himself as 'disabled' as his life is the life he has always had, but mine has been taken away from me and given back looking totally different. Perhaps thats what disability is all about really?

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  1. It makes sense, if you have something all your life, you are not going to miss it. However, if something happens which forces a change in the way you live life (sometimes for the better or for the worse), it invariably means loosing something.

    On the other hand, things happens and what matters is how you deal with them, rather than drowning oneself in a "what if" situation.

    I consider myself disabled simply because the world is geared to hearing and I adapt to it, sometimes successfully - sometimes not. It's just life, and it makes it interesting - a perfect life would be so dull!

    Nice blog btw.