Friday, December 8


If I was Philip Green or Stuart Rose, I don't think Id choose to put carpet on the floors of my high street stores, after all I cant imagine that its very robust with 1000's of feet tramping over it every day. In fact the state of the BHS carpet in Carlisle is a testament to this. But for some reason they still use it, probably thinking it gives the store a warm homely feel. For the wheelchair user though its practically hell. On first glance, store carpet looks pretty thin. After all I have carpet in some of my rooms at home and don't find it particularly hard going. But I suspect they use a 4 inch underlay or something as you immediately sink in. The other day I was out and about and could pretty much feel my shoulders grinding at all the effort I was putting in.
The worst offender at the moment is Waterstones (Ottakars) in Carlisle. The thing with this shop is oddly enough half the store is on a slope, so as you go in, not only do you have to push through the carpet but the slope too.
So Message to all those large corporations out there.... STOP PUTTING CARPET IN YOUR SHOPS!!

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  1. I actually caused the carpet to wrinkle in one photographers lobby!