Sunday, December 10

Stem Cell Research

So I watched that TV programme on Thursday night and it seemed to be 2 programmes stuck together which was a bit of a shame. Obviously the BBC thought they could make one programme out of 2 different issues. But hey its all about disability right, so that's all the same isn't it?
The 2nd part of the programme dealt mostly with 2 women on the quest for a cure for their paralysis, one with MS, the other SCI. I watched with a slightly queasy feeling, as TV is very keen to show peoples 'quest' for a cure, rather than make a programme with someone coming to terms and getting on with their lives. As stem cell therapy is not allowed in this country, these 2 woman had to spend large amounts of cash going to the Netherlands for treatment. Call me a cynic but is this a golden cow for some unscrupulous people? Where is the evidence that it works? Who says it works and if it does, how come we arnt all getting this treatment? My husband, ever the one for sharp words always says to people 'If there was a cure for this, Christopher Reeve would be alive and ice skating!!', that certainly shuts those up who keep saying, 'Cant they do something?'.
I'm not a total non believer though, I really think there is great potential for quality research and also the development of treatment with stem cells, but I also think its a long way off yet, and that it will be many years before something is found that provides effective. As for a cure? A cure, a real cure? I don't know really I don't, it seems to be a bit too much to ask in my opinion, but I know I'm just a sceptic at heart, right?

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