Monday, January 29

"You Dont Wanna Do it Like That........!"

You may remember a few years ago that Harry Enfield had a character on his TV show, an obviously retired older man who plagued his children by telling them constantly "You don't want to do it like that.... Do it like this!"? Well that character is me! I mentioned earlier that I was always keen on doing jobs around the house, but now that I find it a lot harder to do some of them or even impossible, I haven't given up the reins of power, Oh no, I have become an accomplished back seat driver. This was pointed out to me with some force by my husband this w/e, and to my utter shame he is right. When he is trying to do any job, I sit there and bark orders at him non stop, making sure he does it my way or no way. To say it must be off putting for him is a major understatement, so I'm sort of resolved to roll off into the distance and try to let him get on with things in his own way. She says, fist in mouth!!

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