Tuesday, March 6

Feeling like a Pile of Sh***!!!!

I'm starting to feel pretty crap. Funny thing is, I sort of potter along on a bit of a plateau and then have a sudden dip, but as I keep saying every day is one down and only 2 months to go. For some days now I've been feeling as if I've been bare back riding across the Rockies for a week, and am now being forced to sit on a large bag of stones!!! I'm very uncomfortable to put it mildly and my bottom is unrelentingly painful. My lower back is hurting me a lot in a different sort of way as are the tops of my legs. In fact its hard to sit up, but its not much better lying down either. Just no respite.
Ive got to the point whereby I can hardly get in and out of the damn car, cant get in the bath, cant bend over and actually moving isn't very easy at all. Nothing is simple, pity me in a months time eh?
So the next time someone says 'You look well' I might have to scream or giggle hysterically. It's not my nature to sit and look miserable, haggard or drawn, I'm always Mrs Cheerful, but let me tell you its quite an effort and there is so much going on with me that people don't see. Still this isn't called KBO for nothing and I'm a great believer in that still upper lip ho-hum!
As for sleep, well who needs that anyway? I'm getting a couple of hours here and there, but I'm sure that it is natures evil way of preparing me for the arrival of Hersh minimus, so by the end of May I wont need any sleep at all!!!

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