Monday, March 5

More Center Parcs

It would be churlish to moan and find fault but here is a quick one.....! For some reason we got the only villa with a very steep ramp up to the door. To my mind it seemed an odd thing to do as the adjoining properties all had flat access. I can only thing that as the park was built in 1995, someone somewhere zealously thought it was a good idea to put in a ramp without actually checking to see if anyone would be able to use it. The other thought being that your 'carer' would push you up and down as you wouldn't have any independence. Fortunately times and opinions are changing, but its worth Center Parcs having a good look to see if they could modify it a bit.

Anyway that's my grumble over with. So how did we get around? Fortunately they have a special needs minibus that creeps around all day. I really hate the phrase but it will do I guess. Whatever you want to call it, this bus gave us brilliant service, and took us from A to B the whole week. Just phone up, request it and it arrived in 10 minutes. The staff were all brilliant and I cant speak highly enough of the service, which given the hilliness of the park was very necessary.

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