Wednesday, March 28

The Financial Implications of Disability

There is a huge misconception that everyone receiving DLA or Incapacity Benefit is a malingerer who is just taking money off the state because they don't want to work. This is down to the likes of the Daily Mail and other scare stories which perpetuate what I can only describe as discrimination against people with disabilities. Now believe it or not being disabled can be bloody expensive and the government isnt just giving out cash all over the place. Oh no, most disabled people live at the lower end of the economy for various reasons, but mostly because they just don't get the chance they deserve.

Anyway here are a few instances from my own pocket over the last few months....

  • New mattress £400
  • New Wheelchair £600
  • Push handles and upholstery £110

These are cheap prices as well because I shop around very carefully. I'm damned if someone is going to make money from my misfortune. Another example of this huge cost is the cost of travel. Despite there being wheelchair accessible buses these are not widely available still, unless you live in a large conurbation. Here in rural England wheelchair users get truly stuffed every time they want to go somewhere. If you don't have access to your own transport, and don't want to rely on a friend or family member all the time then the only option is a taxi. I know someone who paid £80 return to go to Carlisle to get their shopping done at Christmas. If this was any other section of society it wouldn't be deemed acceptable, but if you are disabled then of course you are rolling in money.... I wish. I could go on with endless examples, but the next time you read about someone cheating the benefits system remember 90% of disabled people didn't make disability a lifestyle choice and I'm sure 100% of disabled people hate that sick feeling you get all the time when you know you've just been ripped off but you cant do anything about it.

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