Thursday, March 29

Im Zooming!

Today we went off to Carlisle to do a few errands and catch a bit of lunch together and my husband also took charge of me and pushed me round all afternoon. Oh now, how much do I enjoy this? Not a lot. He's very funny while doing it actually and makes me laugh constantly as I'm being zoomed around the centre of the city, I must look rather scary to be honest, giving me a wide berth is probably best at the moment! There is more than a touch of Little Britain about the 2 of us it has to be said..........! The main thing I've noticed is when you get yourself around you read the pavement just like you do when driving a car. So I'm always scanning the pavement for holes, manhole covers, steep bits of camber, cobbles, chewing gum, spit, high bits of dropped kerb and so on. All the lovely things you find on the floor of a city. Theres nothing worse than getting the chair in the car and finding gum stuck to your tyres..... or something more disgusting!!
But with out this experience though my husband is pretty oblivious, me I'm shouting orders in my head while trying not to look terrified. Watch that kerb, that person is about to step backwards, don't hit the bollard, go round (BUMP) that hole, lean to the left (WHEEEEEEE) and so on. Its bit like being on a roller coaster, and I have no control. All in all it wasn't as bad as it could have been. His good humour made me laugh and we managed to avoid hitting anyone- just! I wish I could have seen the expression on my face though, I'm sure it was priceless!

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