Friday, March 2

How Good is Center Parcs?

Once you become disabled, you start to realise that the world treats you as a second class member of society at least, and to my shame I have come to expect second class service and second class facilities. Whenever I go anywhere I hope it will live up to the promises, but I fully expect that it won't.

So last week we spent the week at Center Parcs in Cumbria. I booked a wheelchair accessible villa and hoped it would be OK. I booked a few things to do and hoped they would be OK and I also hoped I'd be able to get round the village OK. So as you can see I didn't have very high expectations just OK would do.

You can imagine how thrilled we were to arrive at the villa then to find not only did it live up to my quite low expectations but exceeded it beyond anything Ive come across. We had our own parking space unlike all the other villas, and once inside I found it had been really well thought out. Most interestingly, the kitchen was at a lower level meaning that for once it was comfortable to use. I must think about this at home...The doors were all wider, nice and spacious generally and a really accessible bathroom. But most impressive was one of the rooms had a fully adjustable electric bed. This was just wonderful for me as I'm now at 7 months and have the speed and grace of geriatric seal on land, so it meant I could propel myself out of bed every morning! It allowed numerous positions; legs up. legs down, head up, down, both up , flat, and so on. You can be assured I tried every position possible before deciding the best one for me.

How good is Center Parcs......? Id give them a very good 9/10 and a gold star!

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