Sunday, March 4

Medical Opinions

Like most people Ive had varied medical care, ranging from very good to downright negligent, however what always surprises me in this day and age is that you hardly ever get the same advice from 2 doctors. You'd think in 2007 there would be consistency in some medical treatment of opinion. Seems not. Anyway GPs are very exasperating, that's because they know a little bit about a lot, but not much about anything, and that's not meant as a criticism in any way its the nature of the job. They have to deal with babies colds, teenage boys acne, middle age diabetes and elderly dementia, so its not surprising that when it comes to SCI its not high on a GPs list of must know about conditions!
Today we were having lunch with an old GP friend who always likes to ask me about my medical things, and dispense free advice. I don't really need it but I'm polite. Anyway today he suggested that intense physio would get me back on my feet...... MMMM I DON'T THINK SO!!!! Ive had endless rounds of physio in the past and it doesnt help one bit, takes up half a day and I'm exhausted by the end of it, for what? Thing is, I think some doctors really find it hard to admit to themselves more than their patients that they may not have the cure they want to give you but actually I don't mind. I'm happy with my life most of the time, even though I rant and moan a lot!!! For me, I'm happy to let it go, and not to chase the elusive cure that isn't there. And as for any type of surgery, with (nearly) 2 children under 4, being out of action for months, just on the slight possibility of an improvement isn't enough for me, Id need a certainty and that doesn't exist.

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