Monday, June 30

The Revolving Door

Despite lifes surprises over the last few years, I’ve always tried to maintain a certain level of dignity or could that really be vanity and pride in disguise? To be honest I give off a certain level of smugness when talking to friends. ‘Fallen out of my chair, in public? Oh no, not me, I’ve never done that....’ I say with a Mona Lisa smile. Granted Ive fallen at home many times with a crash, and yes I did do a back flip against the back door and got stuck between the bin and the recycling..... but no one apart from my husband has ever seen it, because I always brush down very well and sail onwards as if nothings happened.
Of course all good things come to an end eventually, and so my enviable record of not humiliating myself in public bade a final farewell on a recent trip to Liverpool. I’d booked a room at the Crowne Plaza, Liverpool’s premier hotel so I’m told and indeed the Concierge did meet us on arrival and took our bags up to our room. About an hour later we were to be found getting refreshments in the lounge area and it was then my husband realised we had left something vital in the car. ‘Don’t worry’ I said ‘Ill pop out and get it.’ Now, the Crowne Plaza has a revolving door. Not a big revolving door, nor is it a fast revolving door, in fact as revolving doors go its fairly unremarkable. I can tell you I’ve happily negotiated much more challenging revolving doors with ease, so its all the more galling that I got caught out on the one that seemed the most innocuous. Within about 2 seconds of entering the door I got that sudden horrible feeling you get just before you flip over. There’s a mad scramble to grab anything in a vain effort to stop gravity doing its worst, but by now its no good, once you’re gone, you’re gone. With a whack on the back of my head, I was on the floor, only in this case I wasn’t quite on the floor as the space wasn’t large enough. I was actually jammed a couple of inches from the floor with my legs dangling over my head and my backside flying high. As I said before I have a thing about dignity, which is funny because I guess it saw me coming and ran through the revolving door without waiting for me. Within seconds, 3 men appeared, one squeezed into the door with me and then the 3 of them pulled me up and vertical again. You can imagine I was feeling so very ‘dignified’, my face, burning with embarrassment. I felt very stupid, how it happened I shall never know but needless to say my husband was totally oblivious to the whole incident as is usual and I nursed the brusies for a week. As for my smugness, lets just say its something I no longer indulge in, a bad habit best forgotten!

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  1. Lorraine-
    I've read your blog and the mix of emotions is very real. This story is the kind you laugh about- when it's far in the past!
    If you'd like, check out the website and blog we're putting together on brain and spinal cord injury, we're always looking for suggestions on how to make it more helpful and relevant.
    Thanks for the great blog!